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Don't Delay: Prepare for the Year-end TT&L Closeout! Nov 22, 2010
Taxpayers will no longer be permitted to pay federal taxes with TT&L coupons after Dec 31, 2010. Likewise, banks will be unable to accept Federal Tax Deposit payments after year-end.

If you or your customers are not fully prepared for this transition, please make it a priority to inform both your customers and your staff about electronic payments. Click Here for pertinent dates and frequently asked questions to guide your transition.

30 Years Later, Founding Principles Remain Relevant Nov 8, 2010

A good many things have changed since 1980. Once-popular long-playing vinyl record albums have become collectors' items. The price of a typical new car has quadrupled. The personal computer, introduced by IBM in 1980, has proliferated to more than a billion in use worldwide.

One thing that hasn't changed is the rationale for the establishment of bankers' banks in the United States. That rationale -- to create a more level playing field for independent community banks -- remains as valid today as it did 30 years ago. Bankers' Bank of the West, the second-oldest bankers' bank in the country, was formed in 1980 as a partner to smaller banks with deep roots in their communities. Click to read more about community banks and the U.S. banking system today.

Bankers' Bank of the West Equity Offering - September 10, 2010
September 15, 2010 Bankers' Bank of the West started a common stock equity offering. On October 6, 2010 we broke escrow and have extended the offering through December 31, 2010. Please email or write to an address above for a PPM packet if you are interested. Read More

ECCHO Membership September 1, 2010
Becoming a member of ECCHO has many advantages and necessary for our upgrade to LTI's cash letter system. Read More

BBW Chooses LTI! August 5, 2010
Bankers' Bank of the West has selected to provide image cash letter services starting in January 2011. The new partnership, and the benefits it represents for community banks, are being received enthusiastically by BBW's cash letter customers. Read More


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