By Greg Miller, IT Analyst · Bankers’ Bank of the West
A few short months ago, you probably never thought you’d be working from home. But in these interesting times we find ourselves in, there you are sitting in your pajamas working on a laptop or other device from the comfort of your couch. Aside from the social distancing we are all practicing, how can you keep your network and said devices healthy? Here are some tips to help you avoid some of the common hazards.

First, make sure your virus definitions are up to date. Most likely if you are on a work-provided device, the updates are regulated through that device. But if you are using a personal device, be sure the virus protection is up to date. Second, along that same vein, make sure any apps on said device are up to date as well. Whether an Apple Product or Android, make sure not just the operating system is up to date but also all the other apps as well.

Next, be mindful of the email you receive. You might have noticed phishing attempts have increased. Be wary of emails asking for donations to help fight coronavirus. If you feel compelled to donate, always connect with the organization you choose. For example, get in touch directly to the Red Cross—not through an email solicitation. Also, keep your guard up when receiving email that appears to come from people you know. Even though the sender’s name may look familiar, the content could be from an unethical source. Your acquaintance’s email account might have been compromised, triggering an email blast to everyone in their address book. If incoming email looks off or you weren’t expecting anything from a sender, contact that sender and find out whether they meant to send it to you.

Regardless of where you do your work, remain watchful and make safety a high priority. Be extra cautious, and always contact your IT support team if you have questions: They want to help. Stay well, my friends.