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Small change can make a big difference … especially now

posted July 31, 2020 by Chris Hill, SVP and CFO | Bankers’ Bank of the West Over the past several months, two dynamics – the slump in retail activity triggered by the pandemic and a growing reliance on noncash payments – have slowed the speed of coin circulation throughout the country. Today, despite an ample […]

Recent Interagency Releases (since 3/19/2020)

Much like its impact on the world, the COVID-19 situation has resulted in broad and unique operating challenges for financial institutions, and a very fluid regulatory environment. In response, we will be posting periodic updates to help keep BBW stakeholders informed on what we see transpiring across the industry. Below you will find summaries of […]

Some tips for staying safe and healthy while working at home

By Greg Miller, IT Analyst · Bankers’ Bank of the West A few short months ago, you probably never thought you’d be working from home. But in these interesting times we find ourselves in, there you are sitting in your pajamas working on a laptop or other device from the comfort of your couch. Aside […]